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Thursday, 05 October 2017 11:47

Heating is already included in 99% of social institutions in Minsk

Written by  Belta

Heating is included in almost all social facilities in Minsk (99%), BelTA informs with reference to the website of RUE Minskenergo.

In accordance with the decisions of the city and district executive committees of the Minsk region, heating is started in children's preschool institutions, school, medical and preventive, medical institutions, social security institutions, museums, state archives and libraries.

As of 16.30, heating of 60% of social facilities in Soligorsk is included, in Zhodino this indicator is 70%, Slutsk - 87%, Borisov - 90%, Molodechno and Vileyka - 100%.

According to the decision of the Zhodino City Executive Committee from October 5 to 8, heating of the housing stock, public and administrative buildings, industrial enterprises, etc. will be included.

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