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Friday, 06 October 2017 10:15

Agrarians of Minsk region plan to complete potato harvesting before October 10

Written by  Belta

Agrarians of the Minsk region are planning to finish potato harvesting before October 10, BelTA learned from the head of the Agriculture and Plant Management Department of the Agriculture and Food Committee of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Sergei Primachenko.

Potato harvesting in the farms of the region is on schedule: more than 6.5 thousand hectares (75% of the plan) were harvested. "The harvesting of potatoes of the new harvest will be carried out at the optimal time." It was originally planned to complete the works before October 5 in the absence of rains, however, based on the prevailing weather conditions, the deadline is October 10, "Sergei Primachenko noted.

The Minsk region is in the lead among all regions of the country in terms of harvesting rates and yields, which is 340.7 c / ha. In 2016, the yield of crops in farms for the same period was 280.4 c / ha. Thus, it exceeds last year's figure by 60.3 c / ha. According to experts, favorable weather conditions for potatoes during its active vegetation this year have led to a significant increase in yields.

Good species in the area and the sugar beet harvest. More than 40% of the area (16.3 thousand hectares) has already been removed. The yield of this crop is also higher than last year's by 73.6 c / ha (455.6 c / ha vs. 382 c / ha).

The harvesting of the vegetable group (table beets, cabbage, carrots) continues at full speed in the central region. The work must be carried out on an area of ​​981 hectares.

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