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Monday, 09 October 2017 14:29

Lukashenka instructed to raise the quality of local roads to the level of republican

Written by  Belta

The quality of local roads must be raised to the level of the republican ones. This task was set by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko today, visiting the Slutsk district with a working trip, BelTA has learned.

"We need to raise the local road network to the level of the republican ones," said Alexander Lukashenko.

The topic of the need to restore local roads was raised back in April at a meeting with the head of state. Then it was noted that the republican highways had been brought to a good state and now it is necessary to more actively engage in roads in the regions. Following the meeting, the President instructed to analyze various ways of building roads, to study international experience. This was reported to him today.

The head of state was informed in detail about the state of the local road network, the prospects for its modernization and development. As the Minister of Transport and Communications Anatoly Sivak noted, along with traditional technologies for the construction of road surfaces from hot asphalt, monolithic cement concrete, other ways of repairing roads have been developed and adapted on the basis of the best foreign analogues. With their peculiarities and advantages Alexander Lukashenko got acquainted in practice.

Thus, the technology of layering layers and bases from cold regenerated asphalt mixtures (cold recycling technology) is used when it is necessary to increase the bearing capacity of pavement or if there are a large number of defects on the surface. The spread of this technology was previously constrained by insufficient workings on the joint use of cement and bitumen emulsions. Today this problem is solved by the branch science.

Carrying out works in this way makes it possible to reuse mineral materials (up to 100%) and reduces energy consumption by 25-50% compared to hot asphalt paving.

The technology of base devices from materials reinforced with cement and modified additives is used in the absence of heavy traffic, on gravel and dirt roads. It allows dust removal of the coating, remove the comb and prevent its appearance in the future, create a sufficiently firm coating and reduce costs, improve operational reliability.

When it is necessary to provide a high load-carrying capacity, the technology of the device of the bases and coverings from rigid rolled out concrete mixes is applied. Such a coating is used on heavily loaded sections of roads: entrances to enterprises, railway stations, other cargo-forming nodes.

Technologies for repairing existing asphalt-concrete and gravel coverings are used in cases where there is no need to increase the bearing capacity of pavement.

All these methods specialists are studying during the national seminar on technologies for repair and rehabilitation of local roads. The event is also attended by the leadership of regional executive committees and road organizations.

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