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The metropolitan area should be economically leading. This viewpoint was expressed by journalists, answering the question of BelTA correspondent, the chairman of the Minsk district executive committee Ivan Krupko, whose appointment to this post was agreed today by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The new leader plans to focus on the development of the regional economy, including a lot of attention to the break-even, profitable activity of enterprises in the metropolitan area. Among his priorities will be the social sphere, the work of medical institutions, schools and kindergartens. In addition, among the most important Ivan Krupko sees the issues of employment of the population, de-bureaucratization.

"The Minsk district is in sight, and it should be in the forefront, to become the leader in the country." I do not think that there are deep problems in the region, but there are issues as well as in any region that need to be resolved, "he said. he.

At the same time, Ivan Krupko stressed the importance of what he was able to do together with a team of specialists and business leaders of the Nesvizh district, which he had headed for more than seven years before.

Monday, 12 February 2018 17:42

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