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Monday, 10 July 2017 12:04

Lukashenko urges Belarusians to revive their small homeland

Written by  Belta

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called on Belarusians to revive their small homeland and native places on July 8 at the national holiday "Kupalie" ("Alexandria is gathering friends"), BelTA has learned.

"I want to appeal to all those who are in a position to do something for the country, especially to people who are wealthy, who have certain opportunities." Let us in the coming years, who can do as much as possible, who can do what we can for our small homeland I am sure that if a well-to-do person who was born in a small village and has not forgotten it will do something for her for three, maybe five years, our country will be beautiful, it will be blooming, "Alexander Lukashenko stressed. - Therefore, my call today with my little parent We are to all those who have not forgotten their small homeland: let's make a maximum for it, let's become wealthy people (those who are capable of), we will do for these villages, rivulets, for small towns and settlements that we can do. "

The president explained that his recent trip to the settlement of Kopys was an attempt to equip Belarus, to set an example of what the country should be like. "It's also up to these small towns, to unpromising villages, we just need to save them, we need to make them comfortable for the lives of our people, children, grandchildren," he said.

The head of state drew attention: wherever people lead the way and wherever the rivers are carried, there are concepts of sources and native shores. These are the places where they really are at home, where you can really give up the fuss and where time flows differently. "Each of us has a part of the soul living in a small homeland.Our lands are glorious by their places, which have never been provincial or provincial.Our villages and towns, our capital, born from the same town, they gave much to many, Leader - Minschina, Vitebsk region, Grodno region, Gomel region, Brest region, or Mogilev region, each of us hears the voice of his small homeland, the only real place on Earth. "

Alexander Lukashenko noted that, perhaps, some people sometimes want to go somewhere, somewhere to visit. "But I traveled all over the world during my presidency, I was in beautiful places, and I sincerely tell you from the heart: it's more beautiful than these places where your roots and origins are nowhere." I did not see this, "he stressed. I say this so that you understand that sooner or later the call of a small homeland will draw you to where you were born, so let's revive these places, let's appreciate them, whatever they are, these are our places, this is our homeland , Which gave us life. "

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